Role of a Professional Registered Parliamentarian

What is the role of a parliamentarian?

Organizations must plan for and conduct meetings of their members, boards and committees. This is a formidable task when one must consider applicable laws, articles of incorporation (if incorporated), the organization’s bylaws (constitution), the adopted parliamentary authority (rules of order), any special or standing rules, customs, and policies and procedures.

The parliamentarian is a consultant, commonly a professional, who advises the president and other officers, committee chairs, and members on matters of parliamentary procedure. The parliamentarian is an expert in rules of order and the proper procedures for the conduct of meetings of deliberative assemblies. The parliamentarian also assists organizations in the drafting and interpretation of bylaws and rules of order, and the planning and conduct of meetings.

Why use a professional registered parliamentarian?

Professional parliamentarians have completed extensive study of the rules of procedure so you don’t have to.  They are able to help you with meeting and convention preparation, strategize with you on difficult circumstances that are forecast, and to advise you quickly on procedures and questions that come up at a meeting.  Professional parliamentarians are completely impartial and will be able to secure the good will and trust of your members.

What about using a member parliamentarian?

Many member parliamentarians will not have the training and credentials of a professional parliamentarian. Members who are parliamentarians must also give up their rights to debate and vote, even though they may wish to participate in debate and have personal opinions on the issues.  It’s not easy being impartial.


NAPA parliamentarian credentialed by the National Association of Parliamentarians  has completed extensive study, training, and experience in parliamentary procedure and maintains continuing education and experience standards.