Parliamentary Procedure and Board Governance Training

Training Workshops and Coaching

Parliamentary procedure and board governance are subjects with which many new and even some experienced board members or senior staff have little experience and find confusing.  Dave Bennett Consulting offers a variety of standard and customized training programs and workshops to help associations and business leaders make the most of their meetings and events and can help you with board member orientation and understanding governance best practices.

Training workshops and individual training are designed to help elected members and senior staff work collaboratively to achieve excellence.

There are several basic and more in-depth workshops available that can be customized to address any issues your organization may be facing. Topics may include:

Parliamentary Procedure

  • Introduction to parliamentary procedure (Robert’s Rules of Order, Sturgis, etc.)
  • Conduct effective meetings using parliamentary procedures
  • Meeting chair training (one-on-one coaching, or group training)
  • Organizing, leading and participating in meetings
  • Delegate orientation for conventions


Board Governance

  • Board governance best practices
  • Understanding governance documents
  • Duties of officers and board members
  • Training and orientation for new board members
  • Board training for not-for-profit organizations
  • Board and staff roles and responsibilities


Training Options

  • In-house workshops can be conducted for groups of 2 or more
  • Individualized coaching in the comfort of your own office or home



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