“The parliamentarian is a consultant, commonly a professional, who advises the president and other officers, committees, and members on matters of parliamentary procedure. The parliamentarian’s role during a meeting is purely an advisory and consultative one—since parliamentary law gives to the chair alone the power to rule on questions of order or to answer parliamentary inquiries.”

Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised (11th Edition)


Dave Bennett Consulting is a sole-principal firm owned and operated by Dave Bennett. A Professional Registered Parliamentarian, Dave has provided professional parliamentarian services to help organizations and board members learn how to effectively participate in and manage meetings of deliberative assemblies. He has also provided parliamentarian services to associations during annual general meetings, orientation and training on parliamentary meeting procedures, presiding officer training, and individual coaching and support for chairpersons and officers.

Dave has worked with boards of directors, associations and individuals for more than 15 years in developing and reviewing organizations’ governance related documents such as articles, bylaws, board governance policies, rules of order, board terms of reference, and rules and regulations. His clients have included non-profit boards of directors, charities, and other organizations.

Whether you need assistance to develop or revise your governance documents, board orientation, planning your meeting, advising the presiding officer on difficult issues before or during a meeting, or training your board members and staff, Dave can help your organization.